Da’esh (ISIS) Has Plans to Rise In Brazil…

Brazil Finds Portuguese-Language Islamic State Social Media Threatening OlympicsBreitbart

Brazilian authorities are growing increasingly concerned with the possibility of jihadists targeting the 2016 Summer Olympics for a terrorist attack, following the discovery of Portuguese-language Islamic State communications.

The Spanish newspaper El País reports that Brazil’s Intelligence Agency (ABIN) has evidence indicating that the Islamic State and other terrorist groups are looking to encourage attacks on tourists and athletes in Rio de Janeiro this August. The newspaper cites reports in Brazilian publication Veja suggesting that ISIS is working to encourage “lone wolves,” using the term not to mean individuals with no ties to ISIS (as it is often used in the United States) but to refer to jihadists connected with ISIS online but not controlled by a terror leader on the ground in Brazil.

An ABIN document obtained by Veja allegedly states that “one of the greatest government concerns is following the radicalization of individuals ideologically aligned with the Islamic State.” This is not the first time such reports surface of the threat of ISIS rising in Brazil. As early as March 2015, Brazilian law enforcement officials warned that the nation could be a soft target for jihadists, particularly because, due to its lack of a history with terrorist activity, Brazil does not have anti-terrorism laws on the books that would allow for the online monitoring necessary to catch threats before they develop.”


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