Karrada Bombing Victims Still Facing Hardships After The Attack

A dark Eid for families of Karrada victims in mourningRudaw

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The families of the Baghdad bombing victims did not celebrate Eid Mubarak, but rather spent the holiday mourning the death of their loved ones and visiting the site of the bombing.

“I am one of those who shared Eid congratulations with my husband, daughter, and sisters, but my thoughts are with the ones lost their lives in the Karrada catastrophe,” a housewife among the crowd at the bomb site in the Karrada neighbourhood told Rudaw.

“What are the crimes our youth have committed?! Why should they be buried? What is our crime when we have chosen a government that has no virtue,” cried a woman in the crowd.

A suicide bomber blew up an explosive-laden pickup truck outside a busy shopping centre shortly after midnight on Sunday. Many families were on the streets after breaking their Ramadan fast.

The site of the bombing has been covered with black banners identifying the 250 victims.

Many grieving for their family members fainted on seeing the devastation at the site, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the bombing.”


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