Muslims Being Harassed In America…

New wave of attacks on Muslims in AmericaCBS News

As ISIS steps up its attacks abroad, Muslims are increasingly being targeted here in the U.S. The United Arab Emirates has even warned its citizens traveling in the U.S. to avoid wearing traditional clothing.

Possible hate crimes against Muslims probed across U.S.

Graphic pictures on Facebook show two badly beaten and bruised Brooklyn teenagers. The boys say they were attacked outside their Mosque during a …

In Avon, Ohio, body camera video shows police moving in on 41-year-old Ahmed al-Menhali at a hotel. A staffer claimed al-Menhali was on his cell phone acting suspiciously, so she texted her sister to dial 911.

“Hi, my sister works at a Fairfield Inn. She is a desk worker,” the staffer’s sister told the 911 operator. “She said there is a male in a full head dress with multiple disposable phones pledging his allegiance or something to ISIS.”

Police searched and questioned al-Menhali, but found he had done nothing wrong. As he was released, he collapsed. The city’s mayor and police chief issued a public apology.”


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