Wahhabism Preacher and Da’esh (ISIS) Support Zakir Niak Being Protested Against In Lucknow…

“Lucknow Shia Muslims protest against controversial Zakir Naik


AhlulBayt News Agency – Amidst the controversy regarding controversial televengalist and Islamic preacher Zakir Naik’s role in inspiring and motivating the Dhaka bakery attackers, the Shia Muslim community of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh has come out and protested against him.

The community members on Saturday came out and raised slogans against Naik and other extremist leaders. The members carried banners which had pictures of the so-called Islamic State founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Jammat-ud-Dawah chief Hafiz Saeed along with that of Zakir Naik. “Protest march against terrorism,” read the banner.

Naik’s name popped up after it was discovered that two of the Dhaka attackers were his fans and used to follow him on social media. In past, others involved in terrorist activities like recently busted Hyderabad ISIS module’s chief have found to be followers of Naik.”


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