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Posted by Musawi Hayatuddeen on Sunday, 10

July 2016

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the most


Peace be upon Muhammad (S) and his Progeny.

The 25th of July is a remarkable and historic date

in the history of the Islamic movement in Nigeria.

It was a day when people around the world

engaged in mourning for humanity sake.

On the 25th July 2014, like all previous years,

members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria

participated in the annual Quds day procession, to

show a total support for the oppressed people of

Palestine. Quds procession is a constant annual

programme of the movement in existence for the

past 30 years.

Unfortunately, as the peaceful protest was about

to kick off, Nigeria army fully armed attacked the

demonstration of defenceless people. They shot

at everyone at sight without regards to age or


On that faithful day, youths of the Abul Fadl

foundation stood firm and resisted the atrocities

of the Nigeria army. Abul Fadl youths sacrifices in

order to safeguard religion from hidden mission

and barbaric clampdown of internal and external

enemies. The initial motive of the attack was to

shoot at the protest and extend the attack to

other places belonging to the Islamic movement.

Abul Fadl youths play a vital role during the 25th

July 2014 Quds day massacre, for which we

continue to pray for their souls and seek divine

vengeance on the perpetrators of the killings. Our

brothers have sacrifices for the sake of Allah (T)

by facing the death. Only that the youths of Abul

Fadl believed that facing death is a victory not a


Part of the reasons why 25th July became a

remarkable antecedent is the number of martyrs

involved, and the day in which the tragedy

occurred (Quds day). These two key issues are

what drew the attention of the international

community on the atrocities committed.

On the historic day of 25th July 2014, three

biological sons of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky were

martyred. Shahid Ahmad Zakzaky, Shahid Hamid

Zakzaky, Shahid Mahmoud Zakzaky, and two out

of these three martyrs were commanders in Abul

Fadl struggle.

Shahid Ahmad Zakzaky was the commander in

chief of the foundation, whose prime motive is to

revive the spirit of resistance among youths of

the Islamic movement in Nigeria. Shahid Ahmad

Zakzaky is a youth with a clear vision of what is

needed to be done, and what is expected from

youths of the movement. Based on his intention,

he proceeded with the creation of a platform that

will orient and shape the understanding of youths

towards the aims and objectives of the

movement, by forming the Abul Fadl struggle.

Shahid Hamid Zakzaky is another key figure in

the Abul Fadl struggle; he spent most of his

lifetime moving around to preach the course of

the movement. Hamid a staunch revolutionist

was disturbed by the orientation of youths

especially in respects to expected roles and


While Shahid Mahmoud Zakzaky (H) is also a

member of Abul Fadl foundation who attained

martyrdom during the Quds day massacre, part of

his legacy is laying the foundation of English

website and puts members of the

foundation through the work.

The 25th July massacre came with so many

surprises, and calamities that shaken all

sympathetic minds around the world. We may

assert that the most touched in the tragedy is the

Abul Fadl foundation. The massacre will remain in

the hearts of people, the sacrifice of our martyrs

will never be forgotten, as the event of the

massacre will never be understood without a

mention of the name of Abul Fadl foundation. It is

due to the effects of the sacrifice of our martyrs

that a special date is been fixed to mark the

annual international Quds conference (first time in

the history of the movement).

As 25th July is approaching, we beseech in the

name of almighty Allah to elevate the position of

our martyrs. May Allah guide us on the right path,

may He almighty protect Abul Fadl struggle and

fulfil our martyrs dream. May Allah protect



Abul Fadl Foundation,

Zaria, Kaduna,

Kaduna state, Nigeria. WWW.imnig”


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